Saturday, August 9, 2014

San Diego Whale Watching

It's no secret to anyone that the coast of San Diego
is the ideal place to watch the annual migration of
the gray whale.  Looked upon as one of nature's ultimate
spectacles; the migration of gray whales is nothing
short of breathtaking.  The coastline of San Diego is
one of their migratory points as they travel from the
waters of the Arctic to the warmer regions of the Baja
(California), where females also give birth.

Every year, roughly 26,000 gray whales will make the
long journey of 10,000+ miles from the Arctic to the Baja
and back.  If you look at this journey and compare it to
any other mammal, you'll notice that the gray whale by
far has the greatest amount of traveling at hand.

If you've never experienced whale watching, you'll be
happy to know that anyone will find it memorable - young
or old.  Spotting a gray whale along the coastline is
something that is truly a memorable moment, making you
stop for a second and truly appreciate these awesome

If you ask the Birch Aquarium in San Diego, you'll find
that gray whales are seen most frequently from December
through March.  While they travel in dozens normally,
it's nothing to see pods of them (2 - 3) as they travel
during migration.  Throughout the coast of San Diego,
you can easily spot these whales as they are somewhat
slow swimmers.

During their swimming, they will normally dive to a depth
of 100 feet or more for a few minutes, then surface and
blow.  Then, they will do a few shallow dives, before
making that deep dive again.  When watching whales, figuring
out this pattern makes the success of watching them all
the more fun and exciting.

While there are many common places to watch whales,
nothing seems to compare to the excitement of watching them
from aboard a cruise.  There are many cruises that take
place in San Diego, many of which offer unbeatable deals.
From H&M Landing to the Birch Aquarium, cruises are some of
the best ways to see the beauty and tranquility of the
traveling gray whales.

The beauty of the gray whales can also be seen from many
points of the San Diego coast, including the Cabrillo
National Monument on Point Loma or the cliffs of Torrey Pines
State Beach.  Along these points, you can see the whales as
they make their travels.

Whether it's a cruise or just watching from the coast, whale
watching in San Diego is something you truly have to see to
appreciate.  You can take your kids, family, or even your
friends.  Whale watching can definately be exciting, all you
have to do is plan your day and enjoy everything that the
beauty of the gray whale will provide you with.

Friday, August 8, 2014

San Diego For Kids

Although San Diego has many things for grown ups to
enjoy, it hasa lot of activities for kids to enjoy
as well.  Custom made for families, San Diego has
plenty of public parks, nice weather year round,
several museums, and many things for children of all
ages to amuse themselves with.

For kids who love animals, there's the well known
San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Animal Park.  The zoo
is located in Balboa Park, while the park is located
a bit north of the city.  If you have the time, you
should take a full day for your kids to enjoy the park
and the zoo.  If the traditional zoo makes your kids
uncomfortable, the park is a great alternative.

Kids of all ages also enjoy the world famous Sea
World, which is home to Shamu the killer whale and
several other marine animals and exhibits.  Sea World
has been a great attraction for kids for many years,
showing them the marine life like never before.

When it comes to the winter months, whale watching is
a very popular activity.  You can watch them from
the coastline or take a cruise.  Watching the gray
whale is very amusing to kids, openening their minds
to new possibilities.

Balboa Park is a great place to visit as well, as it
has a lot more than the San Diego Zoo.  There are
places for kids to explore, with the children's museum,
the Fleet Science Center, and the Natural History

Another popular park for kids is Legoland California,
which is located north of San Diego.  There are a lot
of things to see in this park, with a majority of
the park being built from the popular Lego blocks. 
Overall, this is one of the best and most quiet options
for younger children.

Hitting the beach is great as well, as San Diego has
many different beaches for kids of all ages.  On the
beaches, kids can build sandcastles, rent boogie
boards, or just enjoy the swimming that San Diego so
proudly displays.

Older kids will enjoy the true recreation mode for
San Diego - roller skating and rollerblading.  Along
Mission Bay there are great spots, along with
playgrounds and parks.  You can fly kites here as
well, which is a great break from the ordinary.

Amusement Parks are a great attraction in San Diego,
with Belmont Park being very popular.  There are many
rides here, amusing kids for hours on end.  The
Giant Dipper and the Plunge are among the best, for
younger or older kids.

If San Diego is on your family vacation list, rest
assured that there will be plenty for your kids to
do on your stay.  They will feel right at home with
the many things to do - while you your mate are
occupied with plenty of things for you to do as

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Old Town San Diego

Old Town San Diego

The Old Town San Diego Park serves as a way to recreate
life in both the early American and early Mexican era
of 1821 - 1872.  Perfectly situated in San Diego, the
park helps to recreate what was once San Diego.  No
matter how you look at it, a trip to California isn't
complete without a visit to the Old Town.

Around the five adobes of the main complex, there are
shops, a museum, and several restaurants.  Around the
garden courtyard, the La Casa mansion helps to bring
back a taste of the Old Town.  Just a short hop from
there, the museum is full of artifacts that help to
reflect on the life that was once the Old Town.

The Old Town also has a blacksmith shop, schoolhouse,
and several other historic buildings, including the
first newspaper office in San Diego.  This is truly
a place to visit, especially for those who are wanting
to learn more about the history of San Diego.

The city of San Diego was the first Spanish settlement
in California.  This occurred when a fort and mission
were established in 1769.  Back in 1769, California
was just beginning to get established, therefore it
wasn't near the state nor the size that it is today.

When visiting the Old Town Park, you should make sure
to visit the Robinson-Rose House Visitor Center.  This
center is reconstructed now and displays a model of
Old Town and the way it looked back in 1872.  The model
that is on display was created by Joseph Toigo.

The Old Town Park also offers exhibits of the way things
used to be, programs, and even guided tours.  You can
get a personal tour of the park, with a guide who
will show you around and even explain things to you.

During your visit to the park, you can also enjoy a
picnic at one of the picnic areas or get something to
eat from one of many vendors.  There are supplies here
as well, including restrooms.

Those living in San Diego can find the Old Town Park
on San Diego Avenue and Twiggs Street.  Being close to
the main city, visiting the Park is easier than you may
think.  If you live in the city but have never been to
the park, you should stop by and take a look.

On a vacation or a visit from town, the Old Town San
Diego helps to bring back a taste of the past.  There
is a lot to see here and a lot of historical value.  All
you need to do is stop by the park and see what you
think about the way things used to be.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Coronado Island In San Diego

Everyone in California knows that the best beaches
in San Diego are on Coronado Island.  Being linked to
downtown San Diego by the Island Bay Bridge, Coronado
is home to the SEALs training center and the Naval
Air Station Coronado.  A military powerhouse, the
island of Coronado always has something going on.

One of the best features to Coronado is the world
famous Hotel Del Coronado.  This Victorian style
seaside hotel was established in 1888, and was easily
one of the biggest and best hotels of that era.  The
hotel was hosted in the past by the infamous Marilyn
Monroe and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

The Hotel Del Coronado has some of the best service
in California, along with breathtaking views of the
San Diego area.  The restaurant here is one of the
best around, and even if you aren't staying here, you
can enjoy a great meal.  Each and every year, thousands
of people visit Coronado just to stay at this world
class hotel - yes, it's that good.

The Ferry Landing is also a great addition to what
Coronado Island has to offer.  The Ferry Landing
Marketplace offers you 30+ shops, restaurants, and
art galleries.  You can walk around and check out
what the marketplace has to offer, or enjoy a
visit to the Tidelands Park.

There are great places to walk and bicycle here,
with awesome views of skyline San Diego.  At sunset,
this is one of the best places to be.  On Tuesdays, you
can find a farmers market here as well.

The Coronado Beach is located here as well, along the
Travel Channel.  North of the beach there's the Best
Weekend Getaway Beach.  Even in the summer, the
Coronado Beach isn't crowded, giving your family plenty
of room to enjoy the splendors of one of California's
best beaches.

From the Glorietta Bay Inn in Coronado, you can take
a walking tour.  Tours leave several times a week,
showing you everything the area has to offer.  This is
a great way to learn more about the area.  Or, if you
like, you can let someone else do the driving and
try a pedicab tour.

For the romantic, the Gondola Cruise helps to take the
pressure out of life.  A romantic spin through the
canals of Coronado Cays can be quite the break from
the ordinary. 

You can reach Coronado Island from San Diego by taking
the Coronado Bay Bridge exit off I-5.  By water from
San Diego, you can take the Coronado Ferry that runs
hourly from 9 AM - 10 PM.  Walking from the Ferry
Landing to Hotel Del Coronado is a little over a mile.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

San Diego Wild Animal Park

Aside from the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Wild
Animal Park is the best place in San Diego to see
animals.  Over the spread of 1,800 acres, the animal
park gives animals the room they need to roam and
play.  The animals here play just like they do in
the wild, which almost makes you feel as if you
are in their native of Africa and Asia.

Throughout the 30 year history of the animal park,
the Noah's Ark symbol of endangered species has grown
to dozens upon dozens of animals. Now, every Arabian
Oryx found in the wild is the descendant stock from the
San Diego Wild Animal Park.

In the park, there are many different paths you can
take to visit the smaller animal exhibits.  Although
the smaller animals are a sight to see, the main
thing to see is the hour long trip on the Bush Line
Railway.  Along the railway, you'll see animals that
you'd never get the chance of seeing anywhere else,
such as the white rhino and the rhinoceros.

If you plan to visit the park in the summer, it's
always a good idea to visit early.  On a normal summer
day, ten - fifteen thousand people will visit the
park.  During the winter, the ratio is down as
normally 2,000 people will visit.  Although it's much
colder in the winter, the park is less frequent with
people looking to see the animals the park offers.

You can find the animal park 32 miles north of
Escondido in San Diego.  The park is in a peaceful
area, which makes things a lot better for the animals
that live there. 

When visiting in the summer, it's a great idea to walk
a while, then take the railway.  After you have took
the railway a bit, you can walk some more.  It's also
good to take plenty of sunscreen with you as well, as
summer at the park can get very hot.  Water is great
as well, simply because the summer in California can
be a bit of a scorcher.

The San Diego Wild Animal Park is ran by the San Diego
Zoological Society.  The society also runs the San
Diego Zoo, which is one of the most popular animal
parks in the entire world.  With the park and the zoo,
the society does more than its part to bring the
best of seeing the animals to you.

The next time you are in San Diego or if you are
visiting for the first time, the Wild Animal Park is
a great place to visit.  You can check out some truly
endangered species and learn more about the types of
animals that you'll see in this once in a lifetime

San Diego Harbor Bay Tour

As vast as the San Diego harbor is, a simple walk
around it doesn't do it justice!  To partake in the
beauty that is San Diego Harbor, you need to take a
tour of the bay.  San Diego Harbor Excursion can
help you do that, as they are the most established
tour company throughout the bay.

As a guest, they will treat you with as one of them,
helping to bring your cruise to life.  There are
a few parts to the tour, ensuring that you get the
most out of your time on the cruise. 

Tour of the North Bay
On your tour of the North Bay, you'll see the North
Island Naval Air Station, Shelter Islands, and even
the Naval Sub Base.  If you look closely, you'll
also be able see the Cabrillo National Monument as

The tour of the North Bay is around 12 miles in length
and lasts about an hour.  This is a fine tour for
anyone interested in the Navy as well.  During your
tour the guides will explain everything to you as
you see it.  This way, you'll always know what's going

Tour of the South Bay
Your tour of the South Bay consists of the Star of
India, the Naval surface fleet, Coronado Bay Bridge,
and the shipyards.  This is a very busy and hectic
area, which makes a tour excellent to see everything
that this area has to offer.

The tour of South Bay is roughly 12 miles in length
and also lasts around an hour.  The guides will explain
things here to you as well, ensuring that you know
exactly what you are seeing.

Tour of the Bay
Those of you who are looking to see it all should go
for the deluxe tour of the entire bay.  You'll see
everything covered in the North and South Bay, along
with everything else the bay has to offer.  The tour
is around 25 miles in length and lasts around 2 hours.

To get started on your tour, all you need to do is
contact the Harbor Excursion.  The price for the tour
is very reasonable, considering everything you'll be

If you happen to live in San Diego, taking the tour is
easier than ever.  Those of you who are visiting or on
vacation should give the tour a shot as well.  This way
you'll get to experience everything that San Diego Bay
has to offer you without having to walk around.  And
best of all - tour guides will explain the sights to
you - so you'll never miss a second.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Pacific Beach San Diego

Alive with the sea and plenty of activities for all
that visit, Pacific Beach is a great place.  With plenty
of activities to offer visitors, Pacific Beach in San
Diego has seen well over 26 million visitors!  With
numbers like these, you know you really can't go wrong
by visiting.

Aside from the wonders of the beach, the boutique
shopping distric of Pacific Beach features hundreds and
hundreds of choices to find treasure in the sand.  With
local names such as the L.A. Rack and Starbucks, this is
truly a shoppers paradise.  There are also new and retail
clothing stores, salons, and many other stores to be
found here in this shopping paradise. 

When it comes to the nightlife and exquisite dining,
Pacific Beach has it all covered.  The restaurant experience
here is as diverse as the undersea life.  You can find
everything here from fusion Thai to gourmet pasta, seafood
to hamburgers and virtually everything in between. 

When the sun starts to set and the tide changes, the
Pacific Beach seems to come to life.  There are dozens of
nighttime high spots with dancing, live music, and some of
the best beach bars in California.  With most being found
within walking distance of the hotels, Pacific Beach does
it's part to simplify your experience.

Arguably the best feature to Pacific Beach is the golden
sands that California is so very well known for.  The beach
and the Ocean Front Boardwalk are both modest in their
approach to offer bike and board rental stores, beach-
front dining with great views, and plenty of green
parks for you to experience.

Being out on the sand, you can experience the thrill of
horseshoes, the hot girls, dolphins playing in the water,
and endless surf competitions in the summer.  The summer
is definately a little bit hotter when you are sitting in
the ocean at Pacific Beach with your toes in the sand.

With Mission Bay Park and the Historic Crystal Pier nearby,
you'll always find something to do here.  Mission Bay is a
public park, offering the world famous Sea World, with
plenty of amusement park rides, undersea wildlife to see,
and plenty of fine dining.

On the other hand, the Historic Crystal Pier offers a
taste of Southern California reinvented.  A walk along
the pier can bring back a taste of days gone by, coupled
with the lifestyle that only California can bring.

With a taste of the ocean and everthing in between, Pacific
Beach makes for a great and unforgettable summer.  Offering
plenty of shops, fine dining, and California sand, this is
one area of San Diego that should be visited - time and
time again!